The Perfect Addition to Your RV Trips

Ted’s RV Land now sells Aventon Ebikes. Elevate your outdoor experiences with our latest addition, electric bicycles, which blend convenience and eco-friendliness for everyone. Explore the models with us at our dealership.


Power up your daily commute and save on gas with the convenience of a commuter ebike.

Fat Tire/Off Road

Conquer any terrain with ease on a rugged fat tire ebike.


Experience ultimate portability and convenience with a folding ebike, perfect for urban adventurers.


Cruise in style and comfort on a cruiser ebike, where every ride feels like a leisurely journey.


Designed for accessibility and comfort, a step-through ebike lets you get on your bike easily and comfortably.


Carry more, stress less with a cargo ebike, the perfect solution for your heavy hauling needs.


Ditch the heavy lifting with a lightweight and easy-to-carry ebike that’s perfect for storing and hanging.

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